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FGB Edinburgh & Glasgow Meeting - on WhatsApp

Venue: WhatsApp phone conference call

Date & Time: 03/07/2021 20:00 - 20:30

FGB Edinburgh & Glasgow Meeting - on WhatsApp

This meeting, which is a monthly event, on the first Saturday of every month, is a tele-conference call between the combined Edinburgh and Glasgow Chapters of the FGB UK & Ireland (

The meeting agenda is prayer, exhortation (from the FGB Director for Scotland: Finlay Searton), testomonies and announcements.

Finlay Seaton

Please feel free to join this meeting using your mobile phone to call +44 (0)7828302446 or +44 (0)7832970685 or contact Tonye or Sunday on these numbers for more information.

A few of the members of FGB Scotland.